IPA Day 2012

Posted by IPA on July 28, 2012

IPA Day 2012

The first International IPA Day was announced last July and held on August 4th. The founders were directly inspired by the wine industry celebrating individual varietals on a specific day through the use of social media. The use of the hashtag #IPADay by twitter users allowed for a heightened awareness of the event which led to localized celebrations, discounts and specials at certain restaurants, bars and breweries. Fans of IPA were encouraged to participate by sharing photos, videos, tasting notes and recipes via Blogs, YouTube, Foursquare, Yelp and any other social media resource. Further publicity was made possible by Host Breweries, Social Media Sponsors and Featured Bloggers.

Co-founder Ashley Routson describes the event as the 1st International Celebration of Craft Beer, and that the India Pale Ale was chosen as the first style due to its popularity and uniqueness, "If we were to start out with International Craft Lager Day, the excitement wouldn't be as intense because the style is not much different from corporate lagers and not nearly as exciting as the IPA." Read the entire FAQs regarding the movement.

We may have planted the seed for this years worldwide event which is Thursday, August 2nd!

So dust off your hashtags and get ready to spread some hop lovin around the globe in any and every social networked way possible!