IPA in a glass of its own

Posted by IPA on February 7, 2013

IPA in a glass of its own

While we are slightly offended by not making the guest list of its official launch event in NYC, we are pleased to announce the worlds first IPA glass worthy of a Brazilian supermodel. Frankly, we saw this coming. An IPA in a standard thick pint glass has been offensive to us for quite some time. The tulip shape is our current go-to glassware for fine tastings, but it should come as no surprise that we stand poised to support an entirely new shape- provided that it enhances the experience of drinking IPA. The company behind the concept is Spiegelau, one of Germany's oldest glassmakers, and they collaborated with just the right guys during the design phase. Sam Calagione and Ken Grossman drank their way through dozens of prototypes and numerous design iterations in the quest for the holy grail of IPA glassware. Grossman founded Sierra Nevada and is known for bringing one of the first post prohibition IPAs to market in the 80's. Calagione is the founder of Dogfish Head which brews the famed 60, 90 and 120 minute IPAs, among many others.

supermodel ipa

The most noteworthy feature is the triple-ridged bottom portion which purportedly "refoams and aerates" down to the last gulp. We thank Mr. Riedel for the picture of Rosana Peres and trust he will arrange for a few test glasses to be sent for review.