Hoptical Illusion

Hoptical Illusion

Brewery Details

Blue Point Brewing Company

Patchogue, New York, USA

Brewer Speaks

"We won’t go as far as saying you’ll see things after partaking in a few, but one or two will leave you craving more..."

"Hoptical Illusion tantalizes beer lovers’ taste-buds, while its colorful, psychedelic packaging is candy for the eyes."

Resin, Citrus
12 oz Bottle, Keg, Growler
Silver 2007 Australian International Beer Award
Original Gravity:

Tune in, Hop out

We are always up for some ancient Egyptian history, especially when it involves hops. The good people at Blue Point Brewing are reporting that the ancient people of the pyramids "stuffed their pillows with fresh hops, believing the hop's aroma brought on intense, vivid dreams."

Well we've heard that the archaeologists have discovered some of that other green stuff in those parts so who knows what may have been causing those intense 'dreams'...hell we are not even sure they had pillow cases back then but if they figured out how to build a pyramid then a pillow case would be a no-brainer.

Speaking of pyramids and a loose connection to India Pale Ale, we were in Bosnia in Eastern Europe for IPA Day 2013. There is a heated debate there ever since the supposed discovery of five big ones out there which would completely change the history of the world and all that. Well we took the pilgrimage out to the site and long story short, we are as confused as ever as to their existence.