The basics

home brew gear

The gear necessary for home brewing- available online or local homebrew store if you are so lucky.

1. Fermenter, a food-grade plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid or a glass carboy if you are that awesome and want to watch it all go down

2. Air lock and stopper to allow carbon dioxide to escape during fermentation while keeping air out

3. Thermometer

4. Racking cane and tubing for transferring beer from one vessel to another

5. Bottles, about 50 12-oz. bottles for each 5-gallon batch, new or used

6. Bottle filler to transfer beer into bottles

7. Bottle capper, a device that clamps bottle caps on bottles

8. Sanitizing agent and bottle-cleaning brush

9. Kitchen supplies- a stove, large pot, cooking spoon, strainer, measuring cup, can opener, and a cup or bowl