Alaskan IPA

Alaskan IPA

Brewery Details

Alaskan Brewing Company

Juneau, Alaska, USA

Brewer Speaks

"The pronounced hop flavor makes this style of beer refreshing..."

"...made from glacier-fed water and a generous blend of the finest quality European and Pacific Northwest hop varieties and premium two-row and specialty malts."

Cascade, Chinook, Apollo, Bravo
12 oz Bottle
Original Gravity:

We say

When we think Alaska we think Eskimos, shrinking glaciers, Northern Lights, polar bears and that dude who dated Sarah Palin's daughter. Well the Alaskan Brewing Company would like to add IPA beer to the list and comes on strong with not one but three IPA styles.

We love us some awesome imagery and creativity, and the Alaskan IPA delivers on both the cap and label. The cap has a sweet design of a well fed mama bear with cub and proudly states Made in Alaska. The label has a surfer catching a fine swell underneath a snow covered mountain which is quite a juxtaposition. It is news to us if there is indeed surfing up in those parts, perhaps a fast moving cruise ship or whale does the trick. We are genuinely impressed with the taste of this IPA and are adding it to the list of India Pale Ales that a fan of Pale Ales would like, meaning it is not overpowering in hoppy bitterness and exhibits a crisp and clean taste perhaps due to the prime water source used to brew it. 

Alaskan Brewing puts its money where its mouth is by donating 1% of all proceeds from Alaskan IPA to the Coastal CODE (Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone). Buy this IPA and get some Coastal Karma, nice.