Drink like a Jedi

Posted by IPA on April 7, 2014

Drink like a Jedi

First of all we are not sure Jedi's even drink beer, but that's sort of the point. If they had too repeatedly for some sort of customary situation on a neighboring planet but remain in control, an odd but simple preemptive strike will do the trick. Lucky for you the same can be done here on Earth. While we are not entirely sure why you would want to do this, it can't hurt to learn how in case you still occasionally hang out with that one friend who can take down an entire twelve pack in a sitting and expects you to join the 'fun'.

The shockingly simple substance is active dry yeast consumed prior to drinking one or many beers. With most Double or Imperial IPA's pushing double digit ABV, it could potentially come in handy to take them down a notch in case you wanted to have more than two. We haven't tried this and our legal department has advised us not to encourage it, we are merely reporting on the Esquire article and borrowing their info-graphic which adds yogurt to the mix, which purportedly makes the concoction taste somewhat bearable. 

yoda ipa

For all you chemists or know-it-alls there is an enzyme present in active dry yeast called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). Simply stated, ADH breaks down alcohol molecules into their constituent parts of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This is how your body metabolizes alcohol in the liver, so if the enzyme is in your stomach before you start tossing brews back, the ADH will go to work before it gets into your bloodstream and limits beer google metamorphosis. Ok so we made that last part up but you get the point. Again remember we are not recommending this little science experiment and also remember this allegedly must be done prior to alcohol consumption, spoon feeding your wasted buddy dry yeast probably wont turn out so well.

esquire recipe


We don't blame you for not believing us, check out the article.