Jelly Beer Belly

Posted by IPA on February 22, 2014

Jelly Beer Belly

The astronomical growth and popularity of craft beer in the U.S. has spawned many an off shoot of products wanting to join the fun. 

The latest and greatest story we could find is that the famed Jelly Belly Company finally released a “draft beer Jelly Belly” after three years of working to perfect the beer candy. 

The flavor apparently has been consistently requested by Jelly Belly fans for decades. The formula does contain top secret ingredients which contribute “crisp and effervescent flavor” with an “iridescent finish”. Notes of wheat are reported and similar to it’s real life target, the aroma is described as “mildly beady.”

We would love a tour when they are producing these little wonders because rumor has it that the whole factory turns from sweet and fruity aroma to authentic ale house in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately for us, the Jelly Belly being launched is a Hefeweizen-inspired ale, so of course send them your vote of encouragement that an IPA flavor should be next on the list. Imagine how bitter sweet that would be!