St Patty Green IPA

Posted by IPA on March 17, 2013

St Patty Green IPA

What does St. Patricks Day and IPA have in common? Nothing as far as we know, unless of course you count the millions of green colored IPA's that will be served up during this year's celebration of the world's most beloved Irish Saint. Wikipedia claims that blue was the original color associated with St. Pattys Day but offers no proof to back it up. Saint Patrick supposedly used the shamrock to explain his teachings to the pagans, and thank God (pun intended) since blue beer seems like a bad idea. So what's up with all the drinking and partying? Is this yet another example of America commandeering some traditional celebration and finding some way to commercialize it? Well no actually. While they probably exist, when was the last time you bought someone a St. Patricks Day Hallmark Card? For the most part in the States it's a day of big city parades and middle school kids pinching each other and grown up kids well... drinking green beer. Here is where it gets interesting- the day is known as a Christian feast day..

shamrock"Like many other forms of carnival, St. Patrick's Day is a feast day, a break from Lent in which adherents are allowed to temporarily abandon rigorous fasting by indulging in the forbidden. Since alcohol is often proscribed during Lent the copious consumption of alcohol is seen as an integral part of St. Patrick's day."
"The 40-day period (not counting Sundays) prior to Easter is known as Lent, a time of prayer and fasting. Pastors of Irish- American parishes often supplied "dispensations" for St. Patrick s Day, enabling parishioners to forego Lenten sacrifices in order to celebrate the feast of their patron saint."


So there you have it, feel free to head down to the local Irish Pub today for some green IPA or squirt some food coloring into your glass at home to celebrate.. you have the blessing of at least the Irish Catholic church. Amen.

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